Monday, 13 April 2009

I won 2 awards !!
These are the 1st ones I have won.
They were given to me by Maxine ,you can check out her blog by clicking on her name .

I have to give this award to 10 other people !!! Omg that is going to be soooo hard, so many blogs I go to .

So here is my 10:

1. Tara
2. Heather
3. Steph
4. Vicki
5. Sharon
6. Sarah
7. Lisa
8. Caryn
9. Katy
10. Enfys

Thanks for looking :)


Sharon Caudle said...

congrats on your awards, Cheryl! They're very well deserved! And thank you so much for thinking of me! I truly appreciate it and it was very sweet of you! Have a FABULOUS day!!!

Caryn said...

Wow Cheryl - THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I just love to get awards and am so pleased for you for getting them in the first place - you have a lovely blog. I noticed you're in Liverpool - just over the river from me!! If you're free on the 21st I'm hosting a Stampin Up night - you're welcome to come along if you like!! Email me (there's a link on my blog) if you're interested :0)

I'll pass these lovely awards on later when the kids have gone to bed!!

Caryn xxx

Steph said...

Thank you soooo much for the award Cheryl. I'll pass it on shortly. All the best. x

Vicki said...

oooohhhhh Cheryl, thank you so very much for thinking of me to pass these awards onto, I'm touched and so grateful. Right back at ya luvly xx vicki xx

Enfys said...

Thank you sooooo much Cheryl for thinking of me. I am a very bad blogger when it comes to putting awards on my blog, but I will put a link back to yours tomorrow and try and do the award later in the week.
En x

tiggertastic said...

awww thanks so much Cheryl, what a lovely easter treat, hugs Sarah x

retiredheather said...

What a lovely surprise for me and a very deserved award for you. Your blog is certainly worthy of these awards...the first of many I am thinking. Thanks for thinking of me...there is nothing better than winning an award from blogland friends.

Tara said...

How kind of you Cheryl, I really appreciate these awards.... and congrats to you for being given them in the first place! xx