Monday, 18 May 2009

Elisabeth Bell Designs

I found this blog candy hopping today and looking at loads of wonderful cards made by people :)
Some really pretty cards out there :)
Anyways..I came across this candy and it lead me to Elisabeth Bell Designs .
So to enter Elisabeth's wonderful candy you have to share a special childhood moment .

So this is mine :)

When I was , I think 8-9 I was sooo into insects !! Loved them !! Loved catching crickets and caterpillers and lighting bugs(fireflies) all sorts . So my mother knew a woman that made handmade bug boxes . And she had her make me one . The box was wonderful , I thought it was the neatest thing ever ..not only did my mom have her make me a wooden bug box, but she had painted on it . So on this box is an image of a girl with butterflies and crickets, and my name was painted on it as well . So I caught a caterpiller and I dont really remeber how long it was , might of been a few weeks, but it had cacooned and hatched into this orange brown and yellow butterfly.But I also remeber sitting outside under our weeping willow tree at night and my bug box lighting up from the fireflies in it that I had caught :) I remeber carrying this box with me everywhere I went. It had a string handle on it and a small wooden door that latched .

And after all this time, I still own this bug box .

Thanks for looking :)

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trying2findmyjoy said...

That is a wonderful memory. I, too, remember your bug box and how much you loved it.