Wednesday, 30 September 2009

One Eyed Pretty Monster Card and Treat Bag

I have been making some small treat bags for Halloween with matching cards. I have been asked how I make my treat bags. So I thought I would show a set I have made and then a small tutorial on how I make the bags.

One Eyed Pretty Monster

I cut the eye out with nestabilities . And put a 3-d tab to raise the eyebrow off the card .I embossed the mouth on the card and bag so it would have some depth to it.
I used my zigzag scissors to cut the hair out .

The bow is a die from my daughters Cuttlekids set.

Box Tutorial

Items used:
5x10 inch piece of cardstock or paper
Glue or sticky tape
Hole punch
Score board (if you have one)

I know my pictures are not very good...but I thought
I would try and show how I make my boxes.

I dont have a score board , so I have drawn the lines on the paper to show
you and marked it off so you could see the measurements.

The cardstock is 5x10
and then I marked a 1 inch line on each side , and in the middle
I have marked 4.5 and 5.5 inch mark .
These are the lines you will score on .

After I have scored all lines and I cut the middle 2 flaps ,
this helps support the bottom of the bag. I fold up the one end
and tape it to the 2 flaps for the base.

And then I fold up the last side and tape it in place.
You can adjust them how you like .
After all of that I punch 2 small holes on the side and
put my twine thru and tie knots into it .

Let me know what you think and
thank you for looking :)


Sam said...

These are fab Cheryl and a great tutorial too hun
Take care
Sam x

Neenie said...

Gorgeous, Cheryl! Love the one-eyed monster's eyelashes and cute bow in the hair.x :D

Cheryl said...

these are great hun love the tutorial too love cheryl xxxxxxx