Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Sassy Lassies

Hello ,
Quick post to let the other ladies of
the Sassy Lassies meet each other :)



Jan Farnworth


Can you ladies email me please , so we can decide who goes 1st next Wednesday ? :)
Are you all excited ?!!!
I am!!!

Here is a review of what is going to be happening .

TGF Royal Battle

What is it: Your team is considered a design team and this is a battle of Design Teams. Teams will be voted off each week by the public.

How does it work: This is a 5-week contest. Every week (on a Wednesday), we will announce the 'theme' or 'challenge' of the week and you must decide amongst your teammates who will be doing the challenge for that week. Each team member must participate at least once. Projects must be turned in to the Leader who will submit it to us ( by Saturday evening. We will post up the projects in the appropriate folders in the gallery. Once the entries are up, everyone can go through and comment. Each comment counts as a vote for that entry. The following week, the top half of the team will get to go onto the next round and so on and so forth. So basically, the teams get narrowed down each week, etc.

The Prizes: There will be 3 awards. 3rd Placers will each get a free stamp set of their choice. 2nd Placers will each get 3 free stamp sets of their choice.

1st Place winners will be the FIRSTS to receive this suuuuuper fabulous rubber stamp set called ROLL CALL! Consisting of 10 NEW Wildsprout characters with 6 sentiments. It is valued at $90! This kit is red rubber!!! This kit is so exclusive, we don't even know the exact date of its release. All we know for certain is that the winning team will be the first to own it.

So NOW do you want to play? So get to know your team members. The first challenge starts next Wednesday and if you're kinda confused on how it works, no worries, it'd be more clear once it starts.

Cheryl :)

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