Sunday, 11 April 2010

TGF Scrapbook Page

Lol I forgot to post last night,
Got to watching a movie with my family.

So here is my scrapbook page, I left the journaling box blank.

Voteing starts today over at TGF Gallery . All you need to do to vote is leave a comment
on my teams project :)
If you have not registered yet, its easy,Just click the link above, register,
Confirm thru your email, It will redirect you back to the site, log in and then leave a comment.
You can find my Teams project in Contests/Challenges-TGF ROYAL BATTLE- WEEK3
Look for my teams name under the picture"Sassy Lassies"
If you have already registered, just login.

Thanks :)

Friday, 9 April 2010

Happy Friday !!

Good morning,
It's the weekend woohoo :)

Ok so this past week has been a bit of a whirl wind haha . My kids have been off school on their Easter break. And I have been so sick, plus the weather isnt sure what it wants to do......rain be sunny, or hail lol. So doing anything or going anyplace sort of went out the window:(

As you know my team Sassy Lassies for the
thru to the 3rd round.

Wooohooo go team Sassy Lassies !!!!!!

Thank you all so very very much for voteing for us !! I know each one
of us really appreciates all the
wonderful comments you all have left.

This weeks challenge is to create a scrapbook page
useing 1 or more of their stamps.
So This week I am doing the challenge :)

I got so nervous, that I made a scrapbook page, and then my husband came in and was like....."well make a couple layouts, you have until Friday to get it in and let the ladies on your team decide which one to use ". OMG make a few layouts lol .
Well I did, and my team picked a cute one !!!

I won't show you the one they picked until tomorrow, but I thought I
would share the ones they
did'nt pick today :)

So please please please vote this week!!

If you have already registered, all you need to do is log in and leave a comment
you will be able to find our team project in
Contests/Challenges-TGF ROYAL BATTLE-WEEK3
Look for our teams name under the pictures.
Sassy Lassies

If you have not registered, its easy to do.
Just go here , then to the galleria in the sidebar.
Register,confirm thru email, you will be redirected back to the site,then login and leave a comment:)

Thanks so much for all the support everyone has given our team !!!

Have a great Friday :)

Sunday, 4 April 2010

Happy Easter

Happy Easter Everyone.
Did Hope you all get nice treats :) Lots of chocolate hahaha.

Voteing for the Royal Battle Week2 starts today :) Please vote for our team.
Our team is SassyLassies.
Our teamie Beckie created the Easel card for this week and its very pretty !!!!! Love the colours, the image and all the embossing she did. To see her card, click her name :)

You can find our card in the gallery over at TGF in..Contests/Challenges-TGF ROYAL BATTLE-WEEK2

If you have already registered, all you need to do is Sign in. Remeber to leave a comment for your vote:)

And if you have not registered, its easy, at the top of the page hit "Register" ,fill in the info,confirm thru email,then log in to the site. It wil redirect you back to the sitefrom your email, but you still need to log in to be able to vote:)

Remeber to look for our team name, "Sassy Lassies",it will
appear under the picture of the card :)

Help us get to round 3 of the Battle :)

Thanks again and HAPPY EASTER