Thursday, 14 April 2011

Almost Easter

 Happy Easter everyone,

I think it is important that crafters be informed of their options. 

There are some really good die-cut machines on the market
at the moment that are of high quality materials. And can cut proper circles!
Here is a quick list of some of them, and these are in no certain order:
1. Silhouette SD
2. Boss Kut-Gazelle
3. Black Cat Lynx
4. Black Cat Cougar
5. E-craft
6. Pazzels

And please, please research these cutters to find out which is best for you. You can go here and read the reviews of some of the machines. Jin has done a fab job:) 
And OMG Lettering Delights hit 10k members on FB!!!! Congrats everyone, and to thank their fans they are giveing away free sets!! 11 freebies to be exact and you can find them here.
Lettering Delights is awesome!!! Love their SVG files!!
Also I will be putting a list of sites on my blog to other blogs as well as stores that have FREE SVG files and sell SVG files. So be watching for that :)

So ok, I thought I would post a few things I have been working on for Easter. 
I hope you like them :)
Cadbury Egg Box
 This is the top and I used a Free SVG file from SVGCUTS.COM you can find it here

 This is the inside of the box.

Easter Baskets
 These are cute Easter Baskets I made using MTC Software.
This Basket was made from a 12x12 piece of cardstock. 
I put lace around the top of it to spice it up a bit lol. 
And on the sides there are flowers where I joined the handle.
I also made a macthing card.

 The stamp is from Penny Black: Easter Bonet
I used Promarkers to colour the image in and then added some glossy accents to a couple places.

Small Easter Baskets

The bunny SVG is also free and you can find it here at Jennifer Scrap Shack. 
I kept proportions and sized it to 3and 1/2 wide
I used my Sizzix texture plate to emboss them and then added a bit of cotton wool for the tail. 
The top basket is for a boy and the one beneath is for a girl. On the boy baskets I used dark colour buttons instead of flowers where the handle joins. 
Also I stapled the handles on to give them a bit of re-enforcement.

 These easter baskets were sized at 8x8  
The handle was 1and1/2 inches wide by 10 inches long....
might of been shorter cant find the paper I wrote it down on lol , 
so size to whatever suits your needs.

Size comparison
This picture is to just show the size difference between the 2 baskets.
Thanks for looking :)

Monday, 21 March 2011

Bat Man Cards

Happy Monday everyone,
Hope everyone has had a good weekend. 
I have been doing alot of SPRING cleaning, 
got part of the loft cleaned out. And have gone thru my kids winter clothes to 
get rid of things I know won't fit them next winter.

Painted both of my kids bedrooms the last couple of weeks and everything is finally finished. 
So am hopeing to get pictures takin to show how much better they look. I have learned to not paint rooms hot pink and dark blue. LOL Trying to paint over those colours was a nightmare. 
Both rooms took 5 coats of Magnolia paint each!! 
But they look soooo bright and fresh and the light just bounces all around in their rooms. 
So once I have takin pictures I will post them :)

Now onto some cards. As some of you may know, I use MTC software to 
create images or I use free SVG files that my Cricut Expression machine cuts out. 
So I thought I would post a couple new ones that I have made the last few days.

If you would like to know exactly what MTC software
Does and Does Not do, you can have a look at my post here

 My husband is a HUGE Bat Man and Super Man fan So I created this card for him. 
I am so excited, I have not ever worked with vinyl before, but my husband liked this card so much he wants a t-shirt with the image on it . So I am going to be buying some vinyl to try and do that for him. It will be for his Birthday. Still have a couple months til then though hehe 

This is the card I made my husband for his Birthday. He hasnt seen this card.

This is a card I made for a friend who is getting engaged. I used
a free SVG file, that you can find here : champaine bottle.
I took the SVG of the champaine 
bottle and made it into a card by adding a shadow layer 
and then copying it and mirroring the image and 
welding the 2 together. I finished the card off, by embossing the
gold cardstock with a Do-Crafts embossing folder, and then adding some glitter
glue to the petals of the daisies 
and stamping and heat embossing the Congratulations in gold.

Thanks For Looking :) 

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Baby Eeyore

Happy Weekend everyone :)

Its sooo sunny out today! Am loving this weather, still a bit cool out though. 

Below are some projects I have made using MTC software.

 Baby Eeyore card I created this from a picture I have.

 Aloha Card
 These were free SVG files I found online. 

 Minnie Mickey Peppermint Card
I created this card from a picture I have
 You're Ok Card 
This was also a free SVG file

 Truck Card 
The truck was a free SVG file I found online
I then used my Every Day Paper Dolls cartridge to cut out the head and hair from my Gypsy

Rocket Man Card
This was a free SVG file I found online
I then used my Every Day Paper Dolls cartridge to cut out the head and hair on my Gypsy

Have a Great Day:)

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Happy St. Patricks Day

Happy St. Patricks Day everyone!
Hope everyone is having a fab "green" day :)

I have some projects for you today from Valentines Day.
Am still trying to play catch up on my posts, so will also show you my
St. Patricks Day cards I made as well, along
with a birthday card for my niece who is turning 1 in a couple of weeks:).
And while I have been away I won an award from Jennys Creations 
you can find her wonderful blog here Thank you so much for thinking of me :)  It really means alot to know that I inspire people :)
So Thank you again

Also if you are someone that uses MTC/SCAL software with your cricut, Provocraft have sued and settled out of court with the owners of MTC. From yesterday the software will no longer be compatiable with the cricut machines! In saying order to keep your software safe...simply do not upgrade the firmware on your cricut machine and do not update your MTC software. 

If you have updated the software...not knowing of this lawsuit, you can go to the MTC 
homepage and they have a list alternativ machines
that will work with MTC.

I am very upset that Provocraft have done many people use and love MTC software. They also use cartridges with their Gypsy. I know I do...I tend to make projects that use bits from my
cartridges as well as from my own designs from MTC.
It didnt hurt my machine, it enhanced it!!
And its a real shame that a company has the right to tell me once
I have purchased something from them , how I have to use it.
But I will not let it get me down. I want to be able to create freely and think outside of the box. And  now it is very clear to me that Provocraft do not want me to be a free thinker.
I will simply spend my money else where...if Provocraft dont want it that is fine with me :) 
I know of a lot of companies that do :)

In saying that I will continue to use my expression until it breaks down.

Now onto some very cute projects:) 
I will start with the Valentines projects and work down to the St. Patricks Day Cards:)

 This is the card that I made for my kids for Valentines Day. I created it on the Gypsy. I welded 2 hearts together from Gypsy Wanderings and then duplicated some of the hearts and made them a smaller size so they would fit on top. I then used an embossing folder to give it a bit of depth.

 This was my husbands Valentines Day card. I again used my Gypsy to weld 2 hearts together from Gypsy Wanderings and hiding bits on it, I then used my MTC software and cut the flame and "Hot 4-U" svg out. I popped that up with pop dots. I then used TGF stamp and coloured her in with Promarkers. And added some light pink heart gems and used a white gel pen to finish it off.
 I created the box for it by cutting some old scrap paper ,folding it  and then glueing it in the shape of a square and made a slit in the top for the card to sit in.

 This is the treat bags I made my husband and kids. I used a Childs Year and cut the image at 3.50 width and 2.45 height. For the layer of the background I sized it the same and hid the center pieces. I used a Nestability and folded it in half for the image to sit on. and glued that to the tops of the bags.

 This is the card I made for my niece that is turning 1 in a few weeks. I used MTC to create this card. 
Isnt Tweety sooooo cute :) The inside of the card says 1st Birthday. 
I punched some flowers and used my Kandis Rhinestone setter to put gems in the middle. I made this card so that they could cut Tweety from the card and put it in my nieces scrapbook:) The card is 6x6

And finally, this is the St.Patricks Day cards I made for friends. I used my Gypsy again and welded 2 hats from A Childs Year together and then cut out the lucky from simply charmed. I put black cardstock at the back of the card that had sticky tape on it. and then rubbed glitter onto the shamrock and the black bit of the hat to give it some bling. I cut out the buckle from the hat by welding 2 rounded squares together from Accent Essentials

Thanks for looking:)

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Am Back!!

Happy Thursday Everyone ,

It took a little bit longer than I thought to get my computer back,  my mates shop was very busy!!:( 
He owns a PC repair shop, and our computers get fixed for free,
so if he has a lot of work in at the time then we wait :) 
But I cant complain its fixed for free !!
My computer had to be totally reformated :( 
But before that my mate was able to save all of my documents and pictures :)
So a HUGE Thank You to him :) 

My daughter, Emma's 8th birthday was on the 11th of Feb.!!
My o' my how time flies!!!
Seems like yesterday she was still in diapers! hehe

I did some really cute projects for her birthday. Emma is VERY girlie girlie!! 
She loves pink and purple, fairies and butterflies, her Barbie dolls and she loves to dress up!!!

Complete opposite of me lol, I was more of a TomBoy growing up, 
climbing trees, playing with little metal army guys, rideing bikes, fishing, 
and being covered head to toe in bruises from all the accidents I had lol. 

In saying that...I did have Barbie Dolls  and all sorts of things to go with them and
I loved all of them!! I kept everything so that one day I could
give them to my daughter.

So having a little girl has made me also become more girlie girlie!!
I love going shopping with Emma,  painting her nails and toe nails. 
I have taught her how to braide hair as well !! 

So every year on her birthday we try and do something special for her. 

Now know I also have 2 older boys...but they are not into having birthday parties or stuff like that.
They would much rather have a couple friends around, pizza and cake and watch movies. Hide out in their man cave (bedroom) with their mates lol.

Emma isnt into having big parties either, but she does like having a couple of her friends around , and she likes wearing party hats and having treat bags and things like that. So this year, she helped me decide what we were going to do for her birthday.

Below are some of the pictures from her birthday.

This is Emma with her best friend Hanna

And this is Emma showing off the party hat I had made. Its a free SVGCUT which you can find here.  I used a 12x12 patterned paper. And I sized it to fit the whole page. Then I cut some strips of scrap paper and made the rosette. I cut out the #8 from one of the fonts on MTC software. Added some ribbon to the top and stapled some elastic string to the inside before putting the ribbon at the bottom. Super easy to make and it turned out really nice.

This is her birthday cake I made....I am no Betty Crocker lol but I do try :) And if you have not made one of these cupcake cakes....its soooo easy!!!! I used the Giant Cupcake Tin by Wilton. Took 2 cake mixes though...but its a pretty big cake!

Emma blowing out the candle :)

This is the Tutu I made Emma, it was part of her birthday gift. She had told me she didnt like the ballerina ones and wanted a more fairy type tutu. This is a No-Sew tutu you can find directions on youtube on how to make it. This one took about 3 hours to make but only because I used longer strips and then sewed some bells to some of the tulle fabric so it would jingle :). Super easy and super fun!!

And last but not least ...these are the treat bags that I made for her class. Since they had got out of school the day before her birthday and were not going to be in until after Valentines Day, I sort of combined her birthday and Valentines Day together.
I used A Childs Year cartridge to make the boy /girl images. The size for them was 3inches.
I also used a nestability and folded it in half for the top of the cello bags. And the sentiment is from Whiff of Joys summer collection from last year I think it is.

Thanks for looking:)

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Starting to feel better

Hello and happy Monday

Sorry for not posting the last few days, but I have been so sick!
I caught whatever my daughter had :(

But I should be back in the next couple of days, and on top of being sick my computer broke over the weekend and I have some projects I want to get posted for Valentines Day and my daughters 8th birthday :)

So as soon as my computer is fixed I will get everything posted :)

Have a great day,

Monday, 24 January 2011

Challenge Me Monday #44 Neglected Cartridge

Did everyone have a good weekend?

I sort of did, my daughter is un-well, and I woke up yesterday
with chills, fever, and a runny nose!!!
And my eyes feel like they have sand paper in them!!

I sort of feel like I have a cold with hayfever....
can you even have hayfever this time of year?

So my weekend wasn't all bad though, got some 
cards made for some up coming birthdays. 
And started working on decorations
for my daughters birthday. Will post pics soon:)

Ok so today over at FCCB Challenge Me Monday
the challenge is to create a project useing a
neglected Cricut Cartridge!
I have a couple of those LOL, I think we all do. 

The prize this week is "Welcome Spring" Cricut Cartridge
The images on this cartridge are soooo cute!!!

So here is the card I made

 Items used:
White and Black,Silver and Lime Green cardstock
Papers by MME- Complete Boy
Ribbon from stash
Glitter Glue

Stamp- Sweet and Toxic by TGF
I coloured the boy in with Promarkers

Cricut Cartridge-Indie Art
I got this cartridge as part of the free promotion from Provocraft.
Looked over it a few times but have not used anything from it!!
So when this challenge came up , I thought it would be the perfect time 
to try some of the cuts out.

This cartridge to me seems more for the husband likes almost all the images on it.
He has even asked me to cut him some images out lol

I wanted to create a card useing the toxic sign, and since the challenge was of a neglected 
cartridge..I thought I would push myself a bit more and do something 
also with  neglected papers and stamps!! 
We all have those as well!!! hehehe

Thanks for looking,
Have a great day :)

Saturday, 22 January 2011

Cricut Cardz Challenge #58


Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend :)
I am taking it easy today hehe, my daughter isnt feeling so good. So have been snuggling her for 
most of the morning. When she is un-well she gets very clinging, not that, that is a
bad thing because it isn't!!
I love cuddles!!!

Can you tell when your kids are sick? 
I can , normally my kids are so out-going, happy, and talkative. And 
when they are sick its like a 360 degree turn, they just have no enegry and lay and dont do anything!!
Really upsets me!!

But anyways...

Over at Cricut Cardz Challenge this week its all about snowmen!!
Since it is the middle of winter, it seems very fitting.
You can use any snowman from any Cricut cartridge!
And if you dont like them or if you dont have any you can create one on the Gypsy!

So here is the card I made

Sorry for the picture being a little dark!
I think it was partly to do with the colour cardstock I used.

I created this pocket card useing the really simple instructions over at 
SplitCoast Stampers. You can find the tutorial here.
 I was very pleased with how easy it was to create and will be making more of them!!!

Items used:
Deep Mauve cardstock
Ribbon and eyelet from stash
Papers from Papermania
Black Sakura Glaze pen
Mango Promarker

I used the snowman from the Gypsy Wanderings cart, and I altered it. 
I used the hide feature on the gypsy to hide the scrolls and face 
on the snowman, and the hole in the hat. 
I cut the snowman and all the bits out at 
width-3.19inches and height-3.63inches.
Once I sized the snowman and all the bits, I used the copy feature on the gypsy
and copied the hat, scarf, and arms 2 more times, and then I went in 
and used the hide feature again to hide the bits I didnt want. Since I 
was cutting it out on a 12x12 mat it took a little bit to hide everything,
but then I was able to cut everything out at once.

Once my snowman was put together I used Sakura black glaze pen to 
create the eyes and buttons and used 
Mango Promarker to create the nose.

Thanks for looking :)

Friday, 21 January 2011

MAWTT Challenge Flowers

Happy Friday Everyone!!

Hope everyone is having a good start to their weekend!

I am, I just found out that I was picked for the top 3 over at MAWTT Challenge blog!! 

Thank you all so much!!

This week at MAWTT Challenge, the challenge is flowers and a sketch. 

Here is a picture of the sketch

The design team have done a really good job!! Their cards are all very cute! 
You can enter up to 3 cards for this challenge!! 

And the prize this week is from  

 The prize is an 8 inch label clock kit includeing 1 inch board numbers.
The kit comes with everything you need to create a working clock. 
Just add your own layout for a unique clock!!

So here are the cards I have made.

Items used:
Red,White,Orange Cardstock
Ribbon,Buttons and Twin from stash
Papers DCWV-Citrus Collection
White Gelly Roll Pen
Glitter Glue

3-d Magnolia flower, a free SVG file from SVGCUTS
I cut it out on my cricut.
I sanded the paper down to give the branch and flower more of a distressed look,
I then used Mango Promarker on the flower before adding glitter glue.
2nd card
Items used:
Orange and White cardstock
Ribbon from stash
Papers DCWV- Citrus Collection
Flowers I punched
Kandi's Rhinestone Setter
Glitter Glue

Stamp: Monty's Brolly
I used promarkers on him
Fur- Vanilla,Tan,Chestnut
Ear and nose-Coral
Tail-Coral, Iced Grey#4
Flower-Poppy, Mustard, Mango, Honeycomb and Pumpkin
Stem-Leaf Green, Forrest Green, Moss Green
Clothes- Top: Pastel Yellow and Buttercup 
Pants: Denim Blue and Powder Blue

Thank you for looking :)

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

MAWTT Challenge

Hello and good morning :)

Over at MAWTT the challenge is to create a project useing the theme
"Make Your Dreams Come True"
and to create a project with something to 
realize your goals or dreams.

The design team has done a fab job with  bringing their dreams and goals to paper!!!

The prize this week is £10.00 to spend at Crafters Companion

Well my dream is to one day fly in a hot air balloon. 

Its something I have
always thought about doing, but just not ever had
enough  money to do it. But now that my kids are getting older, I think its something I 
would rather do as a family day out.

I also love going to see hot air balloon races. Its so pretty seeing all the
different shapes and colours. And watching them rise into the sky and seeing around 100 or more is pretty spectacular!

 And its always nice when you turn on a nice spring or summer day and 
catch a glimpse of one floating by in the sky.

So here is my card for this challenge

Items used: 
 White cardstock
Papers from DCWV-Linen Closet
Ribbon from stash
MS border punch
White Gelly Roll Pen
Sizzix Texture plate

I created the hot air balloon in MTC and cut it out on my cricut machine.

Thanks for looking:)

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Fantabulous Cricut :Challenge Me Monday

Just a quick post this evening and a Big Thank you!!

First I would like to say THANK YOU to all the wonderful people 
who have stopped by and left comments and started following my blog!!
Really means alot to know that there are such nice
people out there that find some inspiration
in what I am creating!!

 And second:
 Challenge #43 is called "Sweet Shop"
Incorperate something sweet on your project.(i.e.-Icecream, candy,cake, etc.) 
from any of the Cricut cartridges

The prize this week is- Opposties Attract Cricut cartridge from Memory Miser 

This is the first time for me entering this challenge!
So be kind LOL :)

And here is the card I made

Items used:

Black, Brown, Pink ,White and Teal cardstock
Glitter Glue
Ribbon from stash
Goggle Eyes
Sizzix Texture Plate

I created this card on my Gypsy useing the 
Simply Charmed cartridge.

Shadow Layer size is Width-3.23 Height-6.06 inches
I welded 2 together to get the base of the card.

The rest of the pieces were sized the same so they would all fit together.

Thanks for looking:)

Anyone for Anya Challenge: Bows

Good Afternoon!

 Last weeks challenge at Anyone for Anya was a
colour scheme. 

You can see my post here

I am so happy to say that they picked me to be in their
TOP 3!!! 

And I can now display their banner on my page :)

Thank you very much!!  
Means a lot to me !!!

And now for
this weeks challenge at
The challenge is Bows!!

The design team have done some really cute cards 
to show the many ways you can use Bows on projects!!  

Reemeber to use only The Greeting Farm or CC Designs stamps !

This weeks sponsor is

 And the prize is a $15 for you to spend in their shop!!!!!

So here is the card I have created

Items used:
White Cardstock
Core'dinations Colour Core Element Tones, 
I sanded the paper down to give it more of a worn feel.
Papers by: DCWV-Linen Closet
Ribbon from stash
Sewing Machine
Kandi's Rhinestone setter

Stamp: TGF-Anya Love
I used promarkers on her.
Colours are:
Skin tones: Ivory, Vanilla, Saffron
Cheeks: Soft peach and Coral
Hair: Tan, Sandstone, Cocoa, and Chestnut
Apron and Shoes: Soft Green

I used the Kandi Rhinestone setter to add some bling to her shoes and the card.

Thanks for looking :)

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Cricut Cardz Challenge

Another quick post today!

Over at Cricut Cardz Challenge this week is a colour scheme.

You can choose any cricut image, but the catch is you must use black , red and white!!
Your card or project must be in by Jan. 18th

So this is the card I made
I wanted it to be more of a male card. 

Items used:
Red, white and black cardstock
Sizzix Texture plate
Black ribbon from stash
Glitter Glue

Cricut cart: Simply Charmed and Create a Critter

I sized the images on my Cricut Gypsy

I cut the heart out at height -3.01inches
width -7 inches 
The I love u was cut at height -1.36

Thanks for looking:)

My Pink Stamper Blog Hop

Good Morning !

Hope everyone is having a lovely day:)

If you have not been to My Pink Stamper , you should head on over!! Robyn is having her monthly 
blog hop.

She is also giving away her Cricut DvD set called Cricut layouts.
All you have to do is leave a comment on her post in order to have a chance to win !!

I dont own any of My Pink Stampers stamp sets yet :(
But am working on fixing that.......her stamps are so darn cute!!!
And they work perfectly with a lot of the Cricut carts.

I had fun playing along in the blog hop and this 
is the card I made for the challenge.

Items used:
Light and Hot pink cardstock
MS Border Punch
Kandi Rhinestone setter
Papers from DCWV-Spring Stack
My Minds Eye-Penny Lane
Ribbon from stash

Cricut cart: Create a Critter
I cut the owl out at 3 1/2
and the branch out at 2 3/4

Thanks for looking :) 

Saturday, 15 January 2011

Anyone for Anya Challenge

Hello and Goodmorning !!

This post should of been posted a couple days ago...but I have been busy. 
My son for his health and social care class at school has , had to make a baby mobile. So I have been helping him with that! Will post pictures once it is all complete.

Today I have made a card for the challenge over at  Anyone For Anya ? The challenge is to create a card useing the colour scheme in the picture below.

The prize you can win this week is in the picture below

So here is the card I came up with.

Items used:
White, Lilac, and Hot Pink cardstock
Papers from Papermania Rose Garden
Kandi Rhinestone setter
White Jelly Roll Pen
Flowers from Xcut flower punch
Glitter Glue

I cut the "8 Today" on my cricut expression machine

Stamp from: TGF Anya Love Set
I used Promarkers on the image.
 Then I used Kandi's Rhinestone setter to add gems 
to the flowers and the clothes.
And to finish I added a little bit of glitter glue to the heart.

Thanks for looking:)

Tuesday, 4 January 2011


Happy New Year Everyone!!

I hope everyone has had a wonderful and bright Christmas!

I know we did, it snowed on my birthday!! And alot of snow at that!!
I also got some really cute crafting bits for Christmas!! More on that in a bit.

So to get the New Year started off, I created a new blog, from my previous blog you will already know and understand why. 
But there was a couple of reason behind the change:
1.Just some rather rude comments about the name of the blog...rude comments!
2.People were just really having a hard time either remebering the name or they couldnt find it .
3.So it was the right thing to do !

So...What did you all get for Christmas?

I finally got a Cricut Gypsy!! And a couple Cricut cartridges, and a Kandi Rhinestone setter. If you have not seen the Kandi Rhinestone setter yet, it is a very cool tool!! 

So new things I have planned for this year:
Going to hopefully be making some video tutorials on different things!
Also going to be doing some product reviews of different items.

So I hope you all will join me:)

Thanks again,