Thursday, 10 March 2011

Am Back!!

Happy Thursday Everyone ,

It took a little bit longer than I thought to get my computer back,  my mates shop was very busy!!:( 
He owns a PC repair shop, and our computers get fixed for free,
so if he has a lot of work in at the time then we wait :) 
But I cant complain its fixed for free !!
My computer had to be totally reformated :( 
But before that my mate was able to save all of my documents and pictures :)
So a HUGE Thank You to him :) 

My daughter, Emma's 8th birthday was on the 11th of Feb.!!
My o' my how time flies!!!
Seems like yesterday she was still in diapers! hehe

I did some really cute projects for her birthday. Emma is VERY girlie girlie!! 
She loves pink and purple, fairies and butterflies, her Barbie dolls and she loves to dress up!!!

Complete opposite of me lol, I was more of a TomBoy growing up, 
climbing trees, playing with little metal army guys, rideing bikes, fishing, 
and being covered head to toe in bruises from all the accidents I had lol. 

In saying that...I did have Barbie Dolls  and all sorts of things to go with them and
I loved all of them!! I kept everything so that one day I could
give them to my daughter.

So having a little girl has made me also become more girlie girlie!!
I love going shopping with Emma,  painting her nails and toe nails. 
I have taught her how to braide hair as well !! 

So every year on her birthday we try and do something special for her. 

Now know I also have 2 older boys...but they are not into having birthday parties or stuff like that.
They would much rather have a couple friends around, pizza and cake and watch movies. Hide out in their man cave (bedroom) with their mates lol.

Emma isnt into having big parties either, but she does like having a couple of her friends around , and she likes wearing party hats and having treat bags and things like that. So this year, she helped me decide what we were going to do for her birthday.

Below are some of the pictures from her birthday.

This is Emma with her best friend Hanna

And this is Emma showing off the party hat I had made. Its a free SVGCUT which you can find here.  I used a 12x12 patterned paper. And I sized it to fit the whole page. Then I cut some strips of scrap paper and made the rosette. I cut out the #8 from one of the fonts on MTC software. Added some ribbon to the top and stapled some elastic string to the inside before putting the ribbon at the bottom. Super easy to make and it turned out really nice.

This is her birthday cake I made....I am no Betty Crocker lol but I do try :) And if you have not made one of these cupcake cakes....its soooo easy!!!! I used the Giant Cupcake Tin by Wilton. Took 2 cake mixes though...but its a pretty big cake!

Emma blowing out the candle :)

This is the Tutu I made Emma, it was part of her birthday gift. She had told me she didnt like the ballerina ones and wanted a more fairy type tutu. This is a No-Sew tutu you can find directions on youtube on how to make it. This one took about 3 hours to make but only because I used longer strips and then sewed some bells to some of the tulle fabric so it would jingle :). Super easy and super fun!!

And last but not least ...these are the treat bags that I made for her class. Since they had got out of school the day before her birthday and were not going to be in until after Valentines Day, I sort of combined her birthday and Valentines Day together.
I used A Childs Year cartridge to make the boy /girl images. The size for them was 3inches.
I also used a nestability and folded it in half for the top of the cello bags. And the sentiment is from Whiff of Joys summer collection from last year I think it is.

Thanks for looking:)

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