Saturday, 19 March 2011

Baby Eeyore

Happy Weekend everyone :)

Its sooo sunny out today! Am loving this weather, still a bit cool out though. 

Below are some projects I have made using MTC software.

 Baby Eeyore card I created this from a picture I have.

 Aloha Card
 These were free SVG files I found online. 

 Minnie Mickey Peppermint Card
I created this card from a picture I have
 You're Ok Card 
This was also a free SVG file

 Truck Card 
The truck was a free SVG file I found online
I then used my Every Day Paper Dolls cartridge to cut out the head and hair from my Gypsy

Rocket Man Card
This was a free SVG file I found online
I then used my Every Day Paper Dolls cartridge to cut out the head and hair on my Gypsy

Have a Great Day:)


Anonymous said...

Your cards are super cute. And you are right about what the MTC software does and doesn't let you do. I make most of my cards now with my MTC software and images of my own.
I still use the cartridges occasionally when I want to print an image up fast and easy for personal use only. In those cases I use the image straight from the cart.

Loopy said...

i agree with you, i have only ever used the free svg file or made my own great cards well donehope we can all carry on with our crafting after all thats all we want to do, scal user

moovet said...

Excellent rebuttal to the misinformation being propagated that MTC and SCAL infringe on copyrighted images. I have both MTC and SCAL and have still purchased at least 90 carts in the last couple of years. Now why in the world would I buy ALL those carts if I could easily get the images using MTC or SCAL?

Cheryl said...

I agree, I own around 30 cartridges and use my Gypsy alot, but I wont be buying anymore PC products. I had saved up money for the Cricut Cake machine and I was also planning on getting the Imagine machine and cartridges for both of them, but I will spend my money on companies that deserve it more and are not run by greed.

Annmaree (Emu) said...

awwwww that eyeore is the cutenest!

Love all your cutting file creations!

Cheryl said...

Thank for the comments :)

dcprattfamily said...

I love your Rocket Card pattern.. may I ask where you found that pattern?
Thank you!