Monday, 21 March 2011

Bat Man Cards

Happy Monday everyone,
Hope everyone has had a good weekend. 
I have been doing alot of SPRING cleaning, 
got part of the loft cleaned out. And have gone thru my kids winter clothes to 
get rid of things I know won't fit them next winter.

Painted both of my kids bedrooms the last couple of weeks and everything is finally finished. 
So am hopeing to get pictures takin to show how much better they look. I have learned to not paint rooms hot pink and dark blue. LOL Trying to paint over those colours was a nightmare. 
Both rooms took 5 coats of Magnolia paint each!! 
But they look soooo bright and fresh and the light just bounces all around in their rooms. 
So once I have takin pictures I will post them :)

Now onto some cards. As some of you may know, I use MTC software to 
create images or I use free SVG files that my Cricut Expression machine cuts out. 
So I thought I would post a couple new ones that I have made the last few days.

If you would like to know exactly what MTC software
Does and Does Not do, you can have a look at my post here

 My husband is a HUGE Bat Man and Super Man fan So I created this card for him. 
I am so excited, I have not ever worked with vinyl before, but my husband liked this card so much he wants a t-shirt with the image on it . So I am going to be buying some vinyl to try and do that for him. It will be for his Birthday. Still have a couple months til then though hehe 

This is the card I made my husband for his Birthday. He hasnt seen this card.

This is a card I made for a friend who is getting engaged. I used
a free SVG file, that you can find here : champaine bottle.
I took the SVG of the champaine 
bottle and made it into a card by adding a shadow layer 
and then copying it and mirroring the image and 
welding the 2 together. I finished the card off, by embossing the
gold cardstock with a Do-Crafts embossing folder, and then adding some glitter
glue to the petals of the daisies 
and stamping and heat embossing the Congratulations in gold.

Thanks For Looking :) 

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Annmaree (Emu) said...

Thank You I really appreaciate it!

these are so clever, I really love these awesome creations.

I don't even own a cricut, but was looking into all about them when all this info about mtc and scal and such came up! cos I would have... now looking into gazelle :)